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Eco-Friendly Salad Spinner

  • ✅HIGH PERFORMANCE - Enjoy Clean Dry Crisp Salads & Herbs: We tested Saladzilla against other leading brands. The results were equal or better in drying performance. No need to lift it out of a cabinet or assemble & disassemble before & after usage. Pop it open and start using it right away. Never compromise performance for convenience. Try it for yourself
  • 🔨DURABILITY - No Plastics to Crack or Mechanical Parts to Break: Saladzilla's made of diamond ripstop fabric. It's the same material used in the high-end backpacking equipment. Hence, tough for the outdoor environment yet light in weight for performance. Our proprietary fabric is free of harmful chemicals and food-safe. It's also quick to dry.
  • 💲COST SAVING - Keep Your Money in Your Pocket: When was the last time your salad spinner became useless? Replacing broken and/or moldy salad spinners can add up to both your wallet and the environment. There is no guarantee the replacement will not break. In the long run, Saladzilla may help you save money and your sanity.
  • 💪LARGE CAPACITY - True 2 Gallon Capacity (8 Quart): Go from less than a quart to full capacity. Chopped greens don't keep fresh for long. Saladzilla is great with sprouts/microgreens to whole "un" chopped leafy greens and herbs. Break-free of plastic salad spinners limitations. Opt for options with the help of Saladzilla
  • 🌎LESS IS MORE - Saladzilla Only Weighs 3 oz. In Total: That's 12 times less materials and energy for production and transport. Saladzilla's made of durable fabric. All broken plastic salad spinners add to the landfill and into our oceans. Help our planet. Saladzilla.


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1. Wash & Fill with wet vegetables. Pour out the initial water from the blue Outer Shell

2. Now the Fun Begins

Spin! Spin!! and pour out the water from the Outer Shell. Repeat as desired

3. Push Out the Vegetables

..from the bottom onto the tray

4. Done!

Your greens are dry & ready; Works great with whole leaf ("un"-chopped) greens & herbs too!


Quick drying, food-safe, light weight, and durable; custom made diamond ripstop fabric


Food-safe, food stain-resistant, durable, and quick drying proprietary woven fabric


Food-safe, quick drying, durable, and 100% water-proof TPU fabric

How to "Pouch" It

1. Twist the Ring

Twist the ring to figure "8"

2. Collapse it to Smaller Ring

Keep twisting as you move your hands closer together to form a smaller ring

3. Roll it into the Pouch

Wrap the outer shell around the collapsed ring and roll it into the pouch

4. Done!

Saladzilla is ready for storage

Why Saladzilla?

Tired of plastic salad spinners that mechanically break down or shatter gratuitously? How about your precious kitchen real estate? Ever seen mildew growth in a conventional plastic salad spinner?
Enter Saladzilla
No Mechanical Parts to break down. 95% Fewer Material than conventional salad spinners. It fits on the palm of your hand, yet dries up to 2 gallons or 8 quarts of greens without sacrificing performance.

Saladzilla was developed after realizing the limitations of regular salad spinners.🌱

Dry Whole Leaf or Chopped
The Choice is Yours

Whole Leaf vs Chopped Greens

There are downsides to storing cut vegetables. They spoil faster and lose their vital nutrients & minerals through oxidation.

You should cut your vegetables few minutes before you plan to eat them.

Keep all the vital nutrients and minerals. Wash, dry and store your greens in a whole leaf form.

Great for healthy and nutritious lettuce wraps!

Help your greens last longer by drying them "un"-chopped (or chop them as you please before drying; in tune with tradition)

You got options with the help of Saladzilla.

Be Kind to Our Planet


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