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A Brief History of Salad Spinners

Did you know your salad spinner had two designs?

These designs were introduced in 1970's. The first design was patented by Jean Mantelet in 1971 (French). His salad spinner had a central post in the spinning bowl, which was inconvenient.

But then two years later (1973), Gilberte Fouineteau (French) patented a salad spinner with the removable basket and without a central post.

Viola, since then his design has been the foundation for modern salad spinners.

Problems with Traditional Salad Spinners

For several decades, salad spinners have not changed in its designs nor added any new features although there are many glaring issues with them.

Here are some shortcomings of traditional salad spinners:


  • Traditional salad spinners advertise its capacity by the outer bowl. Its true capacity is the inner colander which is significantly lesser volume.


  • Space hogging when not in use.

Dirt, Mold, & Mildew

  • the lid and its spin mechanism has potential for dirt, mold, and mildew growth

Breaks easily

  • made of cheap plastic
  • its mechanical parts are susceptible to faster wear and tear
  • broken salad spinners add to waste


  • takes up kitchen sink space.

Saladzilla Features:

1.        High Capacity

Saladzilla has true 2 gallon capacity (8 quarts)

2.        Space Saving

Saladzilla folds into a small pouch (5 inches by 3.5 inches) and it's squashable. You can also lay it flat. The choice is yours.

3.        Performance

Based on scale measurement. Performance vs. leading traditional salad spinners is equal to better.

4.        Durability

No plastic or mechanical parts to break. You can drop it off a building!

5.        Whole Leaf/Herbs/Sprouts/Microgreens

Uncut vegetables stay fresh longer. Keep all vital nutrients & minerals (or chop before spin as you please) Do it your way

6.        Easy to Clean

Doesn't hog your sink space. Hand-Wash with lukewarm water and some detergent. No more icky mildews or buildups

7.        Portability

Great for travel.

8.        Cost Saving

Comes with lifetime warranty. Simply return the product for repair/replacement.

9.        Less Waste

Conventional salad spinners can weigh more than 2 lbs. and much larger in volume. Saladzilla uses less fuel for transport from the factory to the warehouse. Leaving less waste.

10.     Faster Prep-Time

No need to lift it out of a cabinet or assemble & disassemble before & after usage. Just pop it open and start using right away.

11.     Fast Drying

Not only does it dry your salad with blazing performance, it dries itself fast as well!

12.     Fun Factor

Saladzilla is lot more satisfying than pumping on a knob or pulling on a handle. Say no-more to plastic wobbles

Different is Good

Saladzilla offers numerous advantages that traditional salad spinners on the market lack. Its innovative design helps minimize waste by reducing materials. The outcome is lighter yet sturdy products with equal or superior performance. Never sacrifice performance for durability.

Choose sprouts and microgreens. Add herbs, berries, and unchopped whole leaf vegetables. Fill it from less than 1 quart to a full 2-gallon capacity. Use it at home or take it on the go. Make it your way with the help of Saladzilla.